Inventory Management Solutions

Saara bMate offers complete Inventory Management with Accounting features which make this package a perfect Business Mate for you. bMate has various dynamic options related to Purchase/Sales Order, Invoice, Challan, Accounting Vouchers, Reports & MIS with unique features such as SMS, Email, Reminders, Alerts, Remote Billing through laptop or GPRS enabled mobile and remote report viewing.

Saara bMate package is developed in such a way that it can cater to various Small & Medium Business segments with little bit of configuration or customization. Most of our options are dynamically developed, so that our Customers need not depend on us for any day to day changes.

bMate is developed for managing any type of Inventory in various business segments.

Today bMate is used in segments like Retail outlets, Traders, Distributors, Dealers, Production Industries. The ultimate goal of Saara is to develop bMate solutions which will accommodate across all the segments of the Industry to provide any type of Inventory solutions.

We understand the difficulty in managing Inventory and we also understand the importance of proper Inventory management.

Unique Features:

  • Invoice/Challan/Document Management
  • Production Management
  • Reminder & Alerts
  • Loyalty Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Service Management
  • Discount & Scheme Management
  • Godown Management
  • Create your own Barcode Design
  • Open Multiple Sales Window simultaneously
  • Create you own Invoice Design
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Online Stock Monitoring
  • Online Report Viewing
  • SMS & Email alerts on day to day transactions
  • Business Analysis
  • Remote Backup
  • User Level Rights & Logs
  • Cloud Backup
  • Export to Tally
  • View Packages & Features of bMate