Features of bMate

Features Fuel
LitePre PrePro LitePre LitePre LitePre LitePre LitePre Lite
Modules Reports
Graphic/PDF Design Inter-State Puchase/Sales Register
Output Profile Pending Orders / Estimate / Quotaion
User Account Payment Collection Detail
Change Password Tool Day Report
User Log Supplierwise Stock Statement Report
Print Setup Print Pending List
ERP System Options Tool Print Order Form
Change Transaction Date Favorite Reports
Transaction Date(Day Begin/Day End)
Day End
Preference Tool
Compact / Repair Data
Update Patch
Create New File
Address Book
Personnel Master
Miscellaneous Master
Print /View Statements
Report Grids
Maintenance Area
Application Info
Search Item and Account
Saara Theme Properties
List Dialog Color Setting
Search Dialog Settings
Shortcut Keys
Color Master
Grant User Module Rigths
Show/Hide Menus
Change Caption Menus
Application Settings
Delete All Data
View Transacttion details while invoicing
Company Properties
System Color
Print Default Profiles
State Master
Import Data
Export Data
Modules Reports
Account Group Master Final Accounts
Account Master Trial Balance
Account Table Profit And Loss Account
Account Voucher Balance Sheet
Stock In Hand Accounting Trial Balance Detail
Account List
Account Voucher List
Cash/Bank Transactions - Summary
Cash/Bank Transactions - Detailed
Account Statement (Summary)
Account Statement (Detailed)
Account Statement (Monthwise)
Modules Reports
Online Vat Tool Tax Return (Summary)
Easy Voucher Receipts Payments Tax Return (Detailed)
Easy Voucher Income Expenses GSTR - 1
Mulitple Voucher Creation GSTR - 2
Contra Voucher GSTR - 4
Billwise Adjustments Detail GSTR - 3b
Manually Adjust The References C - Form
e - Return
Consolidated Tax Summary
Item Groupwise Tax Summary
Payment Pending Report
Adjustment References
Payment Overdue Report
Status of Cheques
Modules Reports
Update Masters Accountwise Inventory Transactions (Summary)
Update Item Rate Accountwise Inventory Transactions (Datewise)
Item Master Accountwise Inventory Transactions (Monthwise)
Item Table Accountwise Inventory Transactions (Detailed)
Create New Item Inventory Transactions (Datewise)
View/Edit Item Table Inventory Transactions (Monthwise)
Item Group/Brand Master Inventory Transactions(Periodwise)
Item Category Inventory Transactions (Detailed)
Stock Adjustment Item List With Stock Value
Purchase Invoice Item Stock Level
Sales Invoice Inventory Transaction Summary
Purchase Return Invoice Stock Register
Sales Return Invoice Inventory Voucher List
Reverse Invoice Item Table Report
Set Default Items Groupwise Inventory Report (Summary)
Advanced Purchase Groupwise Inventory Report (Detail)
Stock Adjustment Summary
Stock Adjustment Detailed
Challan/Invoice/Document (Summary)
Challan/Invoice/Document (Monthwise)
Challan/Invoice/Document (Daily summary-Datewise)
Challan/Invoice/Document (Detailed)
Purchase/Sales Register (Datewise)
Inventory Transaction Register
Itemwise Last Transaction Detail Report
Modules Reports
Item Model Master Modelwise Stock
Item Batch Master Batchwise Stock
Item Repack Master Item Expiry Report
Create Item Repack Table Item Expiry Report With Transaction Details
Godown To Godown Stcok Transfer(Inventory Transfer Voucher) Stock Transfer - Summary
Goods In Transit(Between Godowns) Stock Transfer - Detail
Arrival Challan Godownwise Stock Report
Delivery Challan Serial Number Report (Detail)
Arrival Return Challan Categorywise Item Rate Report
Delivery Return Challan Serial Number Report (Summary)
Purchase Order
Sales Order
Order Manager (Purchase Manager)
Estimate In
Estimate Out
Quotation In
Quotation Out
Proforma Invoice
Material In
Material Out
Categorywise Rate Table
Item Groupwise Rate Category
Containers and Contents Calculations
Challan/ Invoice/Document List
Dispatch Note Profile
Modules Reports
Discount Master Referrer's Commision Report (Summary)
Referrer's Commision Report (Detailed)
Brandwise Referrer Commission Report
Discount Master Report
Modules Reports
Business Analysis Account Transactions Summary Report
Inventory Movement
Payment Pending Analysis
Item Sales Analysis
Profit Analysis
Consolidated Purchase/Sales Detail
Group anad Brandwise Reports
Partywise Aging Report
Modules Reports
Site Master Daily Sales Summary Report
Import Data From Company File(Access Backend) Report Dash Board
Export Data (To Tally Format) e-Way Bill
Formula Builder Custom Reports
Cash Transaction Rules
Change Access Code
Database Designer
Modules Reports
Barcode Print Setup
Barcode Printer
Barcode Sticker Designer
Modules Reports
Production Master Production Voucher List
Production Manager Production Detail
Modules Reports
KOT (Order Ticket) Modified KOT Report
KOT Remarks KOT List (Summary)
Item Category KOT Profile KOT List (Detailed)
Order Ticket Table Configuration
KOT Reports
Modules Reports
Touch POS KOT KOT Settlement Report
Modules Reports
Touch POS POS Detailed Report
Cash Settlement Report Settlement Report
POS POS Datewise Summary
Purchase of Scrap item POS Monthwise Summary
Modules Reports
Saara Communicator
SMS/Email Alerts For Admin
Modules Reports
Reminders(Flash/Live Alerts)
Message Board
LAN Mails
Modules Reports
Configuration Loyalty Balance Point Details
Loyalty Point Table Loyalty Transaction Details
Loyalty Schedule
Modules Reports
Scheme Master
Scheme Details
Apply Schemes
Modules Reports
Currency Master
Forex Adjustment
Modules Reports
Make Cloud Backup
Modules Reports
Database Server
Modules Reports
Petrol Pump (Dip Sales And Test) Dip Sales Report
Modules Reports
Task Type
Task Master
Manage Task
Modules Reports
Service Challan Inward
Service Challan Outward
Receive From Service
Deliver To Customer
Modules Reports
Map Items For Party
Bulk Delivery
Bulk Arrival
Multiple Invoice Creation Bulk
Modules Reports
Branch Master
Branch Transfer Voucher Out
Branch Transfer Voucher In
Backup To Server
Modules Reports
Data Management
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